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With Smartum benefits you indent your employees and help them succeed - and also show that you care. Support your employees' well-being with the benefits of your choice either digitally or with vouchers.

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Well-being as saldo or vouchers

Take care of your employees' well-being digitally or traditionally. You can order Smartum benefits as digital saldo or paper vouchers.

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You can offer you employees exercise, exercise and culture, lunch, commute, and massage benefit.
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Thousands of possibilities

There are already over 30 000 venues in Smartum network! There are something to experience and enjoy for foodies, speeders, art lovers as well as relaxers.

Well-being digitally or as vouchers


You can offer your employees exercise, exercise and culture, lunch, commute, and massage as digital saldo. With paper vouchers you can offer exercise, exercise and culture, and lunch benefit.

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SmartumPlus is a fully electronic benefit that includes a flexible welfare balance. The flexible balance guarantees that each employee gets the freedom to choose the means to promote their own individual well-being. With the SmartumPlus service, you can offer your employees lunch, exercise, culture, commuting and massage benefits. The service automatically monitors that the preferential use does not exceed the annual tax exemption maximum value defined by the tax authority.

SmartumPlus benefits are available to your employees in our easy-to-use SmartumPay application, so the benefits are always at hand on your employee's phone. The benefits can also be used with online payment and SMS payment, depending on the place of use. Some of our partners also have Smartum integrations within their own applications (e.g. VR and HSL).

SmartumPlus is an easy, flexible and cost effective solution. With SmartumPlus, you don't have to stress or take unnecessary risks. Your company doesn't need to tie up capital in advance for your employee benefits. With SmartumPlus we only bill you once a month according to how your employees have actually used their benefits. When you order SmartumPlus benefits and distribute them to your employees in the amount you want, your employees can flexibly choose how to use their benefits according to the limits set by the tax authorities.


The pricing of our service is transparent and does not include hidden costs. SmartumPlus works with a post payment model. This means we bill you according to actual used benefits once a month. The invoice also includes user fees and a service fee. The price list is shown below:

User fee: €1.80/month per employee added to the service and who has been offered benefits.

Service fee: €5.00 per invoice.

Value added tax is added to the portion of the user fee and service fee according to the applicable value added tax rate at any given time.

And that's all! Our price list does not include any other costs.

Validity period

Employees can use the SmartumPlus balance until the end of the current calendar year.

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Smartum Saldo is fully electronic service which makes it easy and convenient to manage. You can track how much your employees use their benefits, and all unused amounts will be transferred back to your company after a certain period.

With Smartum Saldo you can offer your employees lunch, exercise, culture, massage, and/or daily commute benefits. Benefits will be stored in the personal Smartum accounts and can be used with SmartumPay mobile application or web payment, depending on the venue. And best of all, it is all managed electronically!


The total costs of Smartum benefits depend on the number of employees and the total value of the benefits offered. The following costs are list prices. The price consists of account management fee (percentage), which is calculated of the nominal value of the saldo benefit being purchased. Employees can pay with a free SmartumPay mobile application.

Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the ancillary costs mentioned above.

 Lunch  1.5%
 Exercise and culture benefit  5%
 Massage  5%
 Daily commute  5%

Invoicing fee is €15 per order. Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the ancillary costs. The benefits themselves are free of value-added tax.

Validity period

Benefits stored in a Smartum account are valid for 15 months from the time of loading. Any exercise, cultural, massage and commute balance remaining in an account at the end of the validity period will be refunded to the employer’s Smartum account and it can be used for re-ordering the same benefit type. The refunded saldo balance can be used until the end of the following calendar year. The balance of an employer’s Smartum account is not paid back in cash. Unused Lunch balance is not refunded to the employer for re-allocation.Order SmartumSaldo benefits


Smartum Vouchers 2023

Paper vouchers are available for the lunch, exercise, and exercise and culture benefits.

Smartum vouchers are ordered in bundles of ten vouchers. The delivery fee of orders placed online for lunch, exercise and culture is €30 or €35, depending on the delivery method. The delivery fee includes postage. Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the delivery fee.

The value of the exercise and culture voucher is €5.00 and the value of the exercise voucher is €4.00. In 2023, the values of the lunch vouchers are either €9.00, €11.30 or €12.70.


The order is paid in advance and delivered as a registered letter once Smartum has registered the payment. The delivery will be mailed as a registered letter if the order is between 1-30 booklets. Orders with over 30 booklets will be sent as an Express package. In this case the order is delivered to the customers office within the next working day between 8-16. It is also possible to request an invoice to your e-mail immediately after the placement of the order. A delivery fee of €30 (+ VAT 24 %) will be added to the order.

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Choose what kind of well-being you want to offer your employees

exercise benefit icon


There are thousands of exercise venues in our network, so your employees can enjoy any sport that makes them light up. A ton of choices from agility to crossfit, and everything in between!

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exercise and culture benefit icon

Exercise and culture

With exercise and culture benefit your employees get to enjoy the sport of their liking but also get unforgettable experiences in museums, concerts, and movie theaters - to name a few. Did you know that art and culture activities reduce stress?

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lunch benefit icon


You can also offer lunch benefit. Encourage your employees to eat healthy and delicious food with lunch benefit! There are already almost 9000 lunch venues in our network.

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commute benefit icon


With commute benefit you make your employees everyday commuting a little lighter. The employees can pay their tickets and travel cards with SmartumPay app, HSL or Whim app, in R-Kioskis, and many other ticket sale venues.

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massage benefit icon


Massage benefit supports working ability in a luxurious way. When the shoulders get stiff, with massage benefit your employees have access to over 5000 masseuses and physiotherapy places across Finland.

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SmartumPay payment

Smartum payments for every need

Using Smartum benefits is easy and versatile across the Smartum network. Digital Smartum benefit is used in SmartumPay mobile app or as online or app payment in service provider's own website or app. 

Hassle-free paying with SmartumPay

SmartumPay is a free of charge mobile app for digital Smartum benefit users. SmartumPay makes paying affortless and life easier.

In addition to effortless paying, SmartumPay will keep the benefit user on track of the amount and validity period of their saldo. SmartumPay is up for a free download in app stores.

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