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As Smartum's partner you can gain new customers from up to 700 000 benefit users.
Joining the network is free, no annual fees or card transaction fees.

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Accepting Smartum payments is easy

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New customers and free visibility

There are over 700 000 Smartum benefit users already by accepting Smartum payments you will get more customers and make more money. Your venue also gets visibility in our venue search and SmartumPay app!

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Versatile different payment methods

Choose the payment methods that suit you. You can receive payments easily as a mobile payment, traditional vouchers or directly in your own online store. 

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Easy and effortless to manage

Track payment transactions and manage your information on our online service. You will also find settlement reports for your accounting on the online service. 

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Join for free

Joining Smartum network is free - you will only pay a service fee of accepted payments done with Smartum payment methods. No annual fees or card transaction fees. We settle payments every weekday or in the settlement frequency that suits for you. Check out our partner price list

Accepting payments

Smooth & profitable

Accepting Smartum payments

Smartum benefits can be used digitally as well as in a from of vouchers. In both cases accepting payments is super easy and fast. Users of digital Smartum benefits can pay their services with SmartumPay mobile app. You can also accept Smartum online payments in your own website or mobile app. The vouchers can be used in lunch, exercise, and culture venues within the Smartum network.

You only pay a service fee for the Smartum payments you receive, joining the network is completely free. If your company provides exercise, culture, lunch, massage, physiotherapy or commute services, join Smartum network!

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"Thanks to SmartumPay it is possible to accept Smartum payments easily anywhere, anytime. Because of this, we have been able to reach more customers all over Finland."
– Petri Rasanen, TFW Helsinki Oy

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Receive Smartum online payments on your own website

Smartum online payment is a secure and easy payment solution for the customer and partner on the partner's own website or online store. Making an online payment is fast and reliable, and shopping is easy in one place, at any time of the day or night.

Provide your customers with an uncomplicated payment experience and accept Smartum payments online. You can add the Smartum online payment directly to your own online store or website for free!


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Accounting payments

Easy & effortless

Settling Smartum payments

Settlement of Smartum payments is effortless for you. We settle SmartumPay payments and online payments every weekday or you can choose the settlement frequency that suits you.

If you accept Smartum vouchers, we will settle them as well as soon as you have delivered them to us. 

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"Smartum is a big and established operator, with a lot of active fringe benefit users. By offering Smartum online payment in our service we better the user experience of our ticket buying customers."
– Antti Korhonen, Liveto

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In need of materials?

You'll find all the necessary Smartum materials for your use in our material bank. A variety of materials make it easy to communicate to your customers that your venue receives Smartum payments. Order stickers for free or add the Smartum logo to your webpage. 

Also check out our social media guidelines on the site. We are happy to share the content of our partners on our social media channels.


Join Smartum network

Join the Smartum network for free. You will only pay a service fee of the accepted Smartum payments.

As a Smartum partner you can receive the Smartum payment methods you want. Choose the settlement frequency that suits you and easily follow and track payments on our online service.

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