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Get more customers with Smartum

As Smartum's partner you can gain new customers from up to 700 000 benefit users.
We will do everything in our power to get them excited about
your services and help you succeed.

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Accepting Smartum payments is easy

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Thousands of new customers

There are over 700 000 Smartum benefit users already by accepting Smartum payments you will get more customers and make more money!

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Better your customer experience

There are already over 26 000 service providers in our network by accepting Smartum payments you will offer a versatile customer experience.

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Free visibility

We want to help you succeed as our partner, you will also gain free visibility in our venue search.
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Join for free

Joining Smartum network is completely free of charge - you will only pay a service fee of accepted payments done with Smartum payment methods.
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Smooth & profitable

Accepting Smartum payments

Smartum benefits can be used digitally as well as in a from of vouchers. In both cases accepting payments is super easy and fast.

Users of digital Smartum benefits can pay their services with SmartumPay mobile app. You can also accept Smartum online payments in your own website or mobile app. The vouchers can be used in lunch, exercise, and culture venues within the Smartum network.

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"Thanks to SmartumPay it is possible to accept Smartum payments easily anywhere, anytime. Because of this, we have been able to reach more customers all over Finland."
– Petri Rasanen, TFW Helsinki Oy

Accounting payments

Easy & effortless

Accounting Smartum payments

Settlement of Smartum payments is effortless for you. We are settling SmartumPay payments and online payments every weekday. If you accept Smartum vouchers, we will settle them as well as soon as you have delivered them to us.Read more

"Smartum is a big and established operator, with a lot of active fringe benefit users. By offering Smartum online payment in our service we better the user experience of our ticket buying customers."
– Antti Korhonen, Liveto


Effortless payments with SmartumPay

By accepting SmartumPay payments you ensure first class service for your customers using Smartum benefits. And you save money! With SmartumPay payments, you don't have to pay the card transaction fees at all. We settle payments made with SmartumPay every weekday for you.

Join Smartum network

Join Smartum network

Join Smartum's lunch, exercise, culture, or massage network and benefit from the potential of 700 000 paying customers.

Joining and being in the network is completely free of charge! You don't have any fixed expenses, you will only pay a service fee of the accepted Smartum payments.

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In need of help or materials?

If there is still something in your mind, check out if you can find answers to your questions from our Help Center. There we have also gathered printable materials, our logos, and pictures of our vouchers.


We are happy to help you

Our customer service will serve you via chat, email and phone.

Opening hours:
On weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm 
On Sat and Sun from 10 am to 6 pm (excluding public holidays)
On weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm

You can start a chat by clicking the speech bubble icon in the lower right corner of this page. You can reach us by phone at number (+358) 600 149 88* and by e-mail at

*Calls to customer service cost the local network charge or mobile phone charge and €0.30/minute, but no more than €4 per call. If you are calling as an employer, i.e., ordering Smartum benefits, or you are calling about invoicing, you will only be charged the local network or mobile phone charge.