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Employees who feel good, do good

Make people your number one priority. From Smartum you get cost-effective solutions for supporting your employees' well-being. 


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Save money with Smartum

With Smartum's fringe benefits you can support your employees' well-being cost-effectively. By supporting well-being and the capasity to work, you will save for example in sick leave expenses. People who feel healhty and good are capable of great things. A Euro spent right in well-being at work will bring six euros back. (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2016).

All Smartum benefits are either completely or partly tax-free. Smartum benefits give you much more than they cost. Our benefits fulfill the tax requirements, and they are a safe way to support your employees' well-being. 

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Respected, local partner

Tempt and indent your best employees

Do you want to work with a well-being partner, that is respected amongst employers as well as employees? Join the already 13 000 employers who trust Smartum!

Smartum is a Finnish family business and the market leader in fringe benefits. We are the right partner for you, if you want to tempt and indent the best employees, and improve individual well-being and humane working culture.

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Join the frontier of employers supporting well-being

Smartum's well-being benefits are great for both mind and body

We all need different things to live our best life. By offering Smartum benefits for your employers, you five them the best tools to improve their own well-being. We offer lunch, exercise, culture, commute, and massage – in over 26 000 venues!

By choosing Smartum bnefits, you can support your employees with lunch, exercise, exercise & culture, massage, or commute benefit. You can also choose several of these benefits. 
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lunch benefit

Lunch Benefit

Encourage your employees to enjoy healthy lunch and ensure their stress-free lunch breaks. There are over 8000 lunch venues in our network. Join the frontier of employers supporting delicious lunch breaks!

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exercise benefit

Exercise Benefit

Exercise benefit is the way to refreshing moments of well-being. There are over 10 000 exercise venues in Smartum network, which means that there is something for everyone, whether the thing you enjoy the most is pole dancing, swimming or ball games.

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exercise and culture benefit

Exercise & Culture Benefit

Exercise and culture benefit will give your employees the possibility to do whatever makes them happy. There are over 15 000 exercise and culture venues in our network.

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massage benefit

Massage Benefits

Add some luxury to your employees' lives and support their working capacity with Smartum Massage Benefit. When the shoulders get stiff, the benefit can be used in over 3000 massage and physiotherapy venues within our network.

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commute benefit

Commute Benefit

Support your employees' everyday commuting by offering Smartum Commute Benefit. This is a economical and ecological way to commute by using SmartumPay app and in ticket sale venues.

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Would you like to discuss our well-being solutions with our experts, or would you like an offer? Leave us your contact information and you will hear from us soon!

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The widest network & easy payment methods

Multifaceted well-being for eveyone

We want to offer the most effortless experience for your employees. Using Smartum fringe benefits is easy with our digital payment methods, so the user can focus on enjoying. With SmartumPay mobile app, the employees will always have their benefits at hand. Also online payments can be done at any hour of the day!

For Smartum benefit users there is room for choice. There are over 26 000 exercise, culture, lunch, commute and massage venues in our network across Finland.

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"Smartum benefits are very versatile. For us, their wide well-being network was a decisive factor in our choice to work with Smartum. Our cooperation has been easy and rewarding. Also the use of benefits has been smooth."
Nina Leppäkangas
, Well-being Director at Diakonissalaitos