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Make people your number one priority. Smartum provides cost-effective solutions for supporting your employees' well-being. Studies show that Smartum is the best known fringe benefits provider in the market.


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Almost 40 000 different venues

We want to make sure your employees can live their everyday life to the fullest and maximise their wellbeing. In order to do this, Smartum benefits can be used in almost 40 000 different venues across the country. Our easy to use SmartumPay app constantly gets the best reviews on the market and makes paying for activities seem effortless. 


Finnish owned and the best known brand on the market

Smartum is a Finnish family owned business that was founded in 1995. We are the first fringe benefits provider in Finland and the best known brand amongst Finnish corporate decision makers. Smartum is the only fringe benefits provider on the market that is 100% Finnish owned.  


Support your employees' wellbeing

With the Smartum fringe benefits you support your employees' wellbeing in a cost effective way. By putting effort into the wellness of your employees, you also uphold working ability and save in sick leave costs. The Smartum fringe benefits are a financially smart way to do good and make your employees happy.   


Save money with tax supported benefits

All fringe benefits provided by Smartum are tax supported and fulfill the tax authorities requirements. Our fringe benefits are a safe way to help you support your employees wellbeing. Our benefits work great for organisations of all sizes. According to price comparisons made, Smartum fringe benefits are the most affordable on the market.


Attract and hold on to the best talent

Studies show that Smartum is the most desired fringe benefits provider on the market. We are the right partner for you, if you hope to attract the best talent, hold on to your best employees, and if you hope to enhance your employees' individual wellbeing while upholding the idea of a humane working culture. Join with over 13 000 other employers who trust Smartum!

Smartum's fringe benefits enhance a healthy mind and body

We all need different things to make us feel good. When you provide your employees Smartum fringe benefits, you give each employee the best possible tools to help them enhance their own wellbeing. With Smartum you can pay in almost 40 000 venues. These venues consist of lunch, exercise, culture, massage, physiotherapy, commuter and even bicycle service providers. 
Paying with Smartum is smooth and easy. Payments methods include: The SmartumPay app, online payments, text message payments or the physical vouchers. You can find more about our payment methods below.

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Lunch Benefit

Encourage your employees to eat healthy and have restorative lunch breaks. Our lunch network consists almost 9 000 venues accross the country. Order the Smartum lunch benefits for your employees and support versatile eating!

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Exercise Benefit

Exercise Benefit

The Smartum exercise benefit is the way towards refreshing moments of well-being. There are over 11 000 exercise venues in the Smartum network. This means that there is something for everyone, whether you thing is pole dancing, swimming, ball games or just the regular gym.

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Exercise & Culture Benefit

Exercise & Culture Benefit

The Exercise & Culture benefit will give your employees the possibility to do whatever makes them happy. There are over 15 000 exercise and culture venues in our network.

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Massage Benefit

Massage Benefit

Add some luxury to your employees' lives and support their working capacity with the Smartum Massage Benefits. When the shoulders get stiff, the benefit can be used in over 5000 massage and physiotherapy venues within our network.

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Commute Benefit

Commute Benefit

Support your employees' everyday commuting by offering them the Smartum Commute Benefits. This is an economical and ecological way to support your employees commuting. Employees can pay for public transport directly in the HSL or VR apps, of by paying for tickets using the SmartumPay app at ticket sales venues.

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Mind and coaching benefit

Mind and Coaching Benefit

Wellness covers both the mind and the body. In order for us to keep our mind fresh and recovered, sparring and coaching might be exactly what we need. The Smartum Mind and Coaching Benefit gives your employees access to a platform of professionals to who your employees can anonymously talk to when in need. 

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Health Benefit

The Smartum Health Benefit will take your employees' wellbeing to the next level. Whether your employees are in need of dental care, some extra lab tests or new spectacles, we have got you covered. The Smartum Health Benefit ensures that you can support your employees' individual needs to the fullest. 

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Offer benefits digitally or via paper voucher

Do you want a reliable fringe benefits operator as your partner, who is valued by both employers and employees? According to research, Smartum is the most sought-after provider of employment benefits in Finland. Join more than 13,000 employers who trust Smartum!

You can offer tax-supported benefits to your employees either digitally or physically. Employees can use their benefits either electronically via the SmartumPay application or web payments, by text message payments, or you can provide your employees with the traditional culture, lunch, or exercise paper vouchers.

You can easily start proving Smartum benefits to your organization either through the SmartumPlus service or by making an appointment with our expert. With Smartum you can choose whether you want to pay in advance or use post payment, in which you pay as you go according to how your employees have used their benefits. 

Read more about what tax-supported benefits mean and download a free tax guide!

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SmartumPlus – Order benefits and pay according to use 

The flexible SmartumPlus benefits can be used as a payment method in all our over 30 000 venues. The Smartum network consists of lunch, exercise, culture, massage, physiotherapy and commuting venues.

SmartumPlus is an easy, flexible and cost effective solution. With SmartumPlus, you don't have to stress or take unnecessary risks. Your company doesn't need to tie up capital in advance for your employee benefits. With SmartumPlus we only bill you once a month according to how your employees have actually used their benefits. When you order SmartumPlus benefits and distribute them to your employees in the amount you want, your employees can flexibly choose how to use their benefits according to the limits set by the tax authorities.

SmartumPlus benefits are valid until the end of the current calendar year after the time of order.

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SmartumSaldo – Order all benefits at once and pay in advance  

With the Smartum Saldo product, you can provide your employees with the specific amounts of benefits you wish. The benefit choices are lunch, exercise, exercise and culture, commuting, physiotherapy and massage benefits. Your employees can use these benefits electronically with the SmartumPay app or use Smartum online payment in the venues that accept the benefit type you choose to offer.

Ordering and managing the Smartum balance is easy. You can track how many benefits have been used. If your employees do not use all their benefits, the unused balance is returned to your company's Smartum account. After the unused balance has been returned to your company’s Smartum account, you can re-share these benefits when ordering the next time. The total cost depends on the number of employees and the total value of the benefit offered.

The benefits are valid for 15 months after they have been activated.

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Smartum Vouchers - Order physical paper vouchers

The paper vouchers are available for the lunch benefit, exercise benefit, and exercise and culture benefit. Each exercise and culture voucher is worth €5.00 and each exercise voucher is worth €4.00. Lunch vouchers are worth €9.00, €11.30 and €12.70 in 2023.

Smartum vouchers are personal to your employee and can be used in many venues within the Smartum network. With the vouchers, payments need to made at the cash register. Smartum vouchers are ordered in bundles, and one bundle contains ten vouchers. The order is paid in advance and delivered to your office when the payment has been registered to Smartum's account.

The Smartum vouchers are valid until the end of the year, that has been printed on the voucher.

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