Take over your well-being

With Smartum you can take your well-being to the next level. Wether you love pump it up at the gym, breathe it out in aerial yoga, or feast at lunch tables, we got you.

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Using Smartum benefits is easy

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With SmartumPay mobile app you can easily pay for your services with just a few tap. 

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Online payment

Pay your services swiftly in service providers own website with Smartum online payment.

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App payment

Smartum app payment is an effortless way to pay with Smartum in service providers own mobile app.

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Smartum voucher

With Smartum voucher you can pay your services traditionally at the counter.

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SmartumPay – the most effortless way to pay with fringe benefits

SmartumPay is a free of charge mobile app for electronic Smartum benefit users. SmartumPay will make paying effortless and makes your life easier.

Paying with SmartumPay is easy:

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In addition to easy payments, SmartumPay always keeps you updated on the amount and validity period of your benefits. SmartumPay is up for a free download in app stores.

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Report your employer!

Still haven't got Smartum benefits? Let us know!

We want to encourage your employer to take care of your well-being, so report your employer and we will contact them!

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Thousands of possibilities for well-being

There are almost 40 000 venues in our well-being network where you can pay your services with Smartum's exercise, culture, lunch, commute, and massage benefits effortlessly.