Join Smartum to create new wellbeing

At Smartum we believe that working cultures must change. We need more humane and more flexible cultures that take into account our individual needs. 

Join Smartum to create new wellbeing and enhance a world of more humane working cultures.

We can be the change we want to see.  



Join us and let's create new wellbeing

At Smartum, we believe that working cultures must change. We need more humane and more flexible cultures, that take into account individual needs. For a few years now, we have been striving to lead and to be an example of this kind of cultural change. We are also committed to help others change their working culture in order for them to bring better work life balance to their employees. If you feel passionate towards being a part of this change and want to join us in building a more humane Finnish working life, we are here waiting for you.

We offer you

  • Highly capable and motivated colleagues
  • Opportunity to work with a modern tech stack
  • Freedom to choose tech stacks and solutions together with the team
  • Weapons of choice to do your best: laptop (whether you prefer Linux, Mac, or Windows, it’s your choice), phone with a company-paid mobile subscription
  • Competitive salary and Smartum benefits
  • Mehiläinen as a Healthcare provider
  • Possibility to use 3 hours of working time weekly to do sports/culture/massage/improve mental well-being
  • Possibility to use our internal coach to help you develop your mental well-being or self-management skills
  • A humane culture where we don't expect you to work 24/7
  • Freedom to choose where you work, whether working remotely, at the office or both
  • Our office is located in the city center of Helsinki.


Support for your wellbeing

At Smartum we don't expect you to work 24/7 or use time tracking to report all your working hours. Instead we encourage you to use 3 working hours per week to support your recovery from work. You can spend these hours doing sports/culture/massage or take time to improve your mental well-being. You can even take a nap, meditate, go to a massage, watch Netflix or play games! Whatever helps your brain to recover from work. You can also use an internal coach to help you develop your mental well-being or self-management skills.  Our Healthcare provider Mehiläinen can be used at all their locations in Finland. 

We are also very flexible about the time and place of where you choose to work. You can choose if you prefer working remotely, at the office or both.  Our office is located at the city center of Helsinki. There are lots of nice lunch places around the office. In the summertime you can also spend time in the beautiful parks right next the office with your awesome colleagues.  




New inspiring office space

We have a beautiful, spacious, newly renovated and very cozy office space located in the city center of Helsinki. At the office there are lots of different spaces for you to use. We have got rooms for workshops, meetings, phone/video calls, quiet working, and spaces for working together with your team. We have also got a modern kitchen for cooking lunch and spaces to relax to do yoga or workouts. And no worries, we've also got showers.

We share our office space with our parent company (The Orange Company) and a sister company (Vaana) so there are lots of different kinds of expertise under the same roof. You can also find a library from the office with some good literature. There is also a book club you can join hosted by The Orange Company.

At the moment we don't have any open positions

But you can always send us your CV and an open application.

Send us your CV

We are always willing to hear from people who would like to join us and create new wellbeing. Send you CV and open application to



Passion for Wellbeing

Smartum has been around for 25 years and our mission has always been to improve and support individual wellbeing. 

We believe that in order to support well-being, employers need to acknowledge the individual needs of their employees. Only the support that is meaningful to the employee is in the end truly meaningful to the employer as well. An employee, who leads their own well-being, needs to have the freedom and the responsibility to choose, what kind of support they need in order to feel good and healthy. We believe that the companies that recognise this, will create a strong basis for growth and truly strive in the modern world.

If this is something that speaks to you and if you want to be a part of this change, send us your application.



A Relaxed & Warm Culture

Smartum's working culture is very relaxed and warm. People working at Smartum are eager to learn new things and to find new opportunities to grow our business.

We strive to continuously improve our methods of working. We design our sprints and roadmaps as a team and use agile as a working method across the company. We have a lean roadmap that we uphold together with the business team. We base our development on what creates the most value to our customers.

Our people at Smartum value freedom to choose when and where we work. We also value the balance we can have between working and personal life. We value the 3 hours per week benefit we have for wellbeing and often try different ways to use it also spending that time together with colleagues. Be it a movie in the middle of the day or a yoga class or a run between meetings.  

Strong Brand


The Best Known Brand

Smartum is the best know brand in the industry among both Finnish business decision makers and employees. 80 % of employees and 87 % of business decision makers know Smartum by it's name (Brand Survey 2021)


Valued by Employers

Among Finnish business decision makers Smartum is known as the most reliable, easy to use, versatile, expert, modern, quality, useful, inspiring, cost effective, service-minded and most easily approachable operator (Brand Survey 2021)

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Promoted by users

In the opinion of Finnish employees Smartum is clearly the most wanted employment-benefit provider (Brand Survey 2021). The Net Promotor Score (NPS) among Smartum-benefit users is 50 and it means Excellent (Customer survey 2021)


Easiest payment method

SmartumPay-mobile app constantly receives the best reviews in the industry in app stores. 85,2 % of Smartum-benefit users say that SmartumPay works well or very well (Customer Survey 2021)