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  • A million potential customers.
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  • No annual or joining fees.
  • You only pay a service fee for the Smartum payments you receive.
  • Quick and easy settlement process.
  • Smartum is a reliable, Finnish operator.
  • A service provider network of over 25,000 members across Finland.

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Join the Smartum lunch, exercise, culture or massage network and make use of the huge potential of one million customers.

It is free to join the network and there are no membership fees! There are no fixed costs for accepting Smartum payments. You only pay a service fee when you run a Smartum payment through your cash register.

Monitoring and settlement of Smartum payments is easy. To see how many Smartums you have accumulated, just log on to your Smartum account online. If your customers are paying with Smartum paper vouchers, you will receive the cash as soon as you have delivered the vouchers to us.

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Smartum pricelist

Joining the Smartum network is free. You only pay a service fee for the Smartum payments you have accepted. Value-added tax 24 % will be added to the service fee from 1.1.2019 onwards. There are no hidden costs!

Almost one million Finns have access to Smartum benefits. Ride the Smartum wave and tap into the huge potential!

Benefit Payment method Service fee
Lunch Voucher, card, mobile payment 2,7 %
Exercise and Culture benefit Voucher 4,5 %
Exercise and Culture benefit Card or mobile payment 3,5 %
Massage Mobile payment 5 %
Commute Mobile payment 3,5 %

Accepting Smartum payments

Accepting Smartum payment is hassle-free. Employers can offer their employees Smartum benefits in an electronic form as Smartum Saldo or as traditional paper vouchers.

Smartum Saldo users will make the payment with a Smartum payment card, or as a mobile or online payment. The vouchers can be used in lunch, exercise and cultural facilities that belong to the Smartum network.

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Settlement of Smartum payments

Smartum payments are settled to your business’s bank account in next to no time. If your customer pays with a Smartum payment card, you will receive the payment from your bank just as you would any other card payments. Smartum settles SmartumPay payments and online payments every day.

If you accept the vouchers, we will pay you as soon as you have delivered the vouchers to us. The vouchers which will be outdated at the end of each year must be delivered to Smartum by the end of January!

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”Our aim is to offer our customers restaurant experiences that they wish to share, at both lunch and dinner. That is why we think it is also natural to accept payments with lunch vouchers”.

Riika Sundquist, Managing Director

BW-Restaurants Oy

Join the quickly expanding Smartum network today!