People who feel good, do good

Smartum offers fringe benefits for people who want to be and feel healthy and live their life to the fullest. We create multifaceted well-being for individual needs.

We believe that people who feel good and take care of themselves can do great things. Growth and success start from well-being. We want to enable those things for you, that support your individual well-being.

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The best known brand

The best known brand

Smartum is the best known brand in the industry among both business decision makers and employees. 80 % of employees and 87 % of business decision makers know Smartum by
name. (Brand Research)

Appreciated by employers

Appreciated by employers

According to Finnish business decision-makers, Smartum is the most reliable,
modern, easy-to-use, ersatile, knowledgeable, high-quality, useful, cost-effective, inspiring, service-minded and easily approachable player in the industry. (Brand Research)

Recommended by users

Recommended by users

According to Finnish employees, Smartum is by far the most desirable provider of fringe
benefits (Brand Research 2021). The users of Smartum benefits have a net promoter score (NPS) of 50, which is an excellent result. (Customer Survey)

The smoothest payment

The smoothest payment

The SmartumPay mobile app constantly receives the best reviews in the industry in app stores. 85.2% of Smartum benefits users say that SmartumPay works well or very well. (Customer Survey)

Your employees deserve the best
– or even better

The well-being of your employees enables the well-being of your company. With Smartum, you can offer your employees refreshing Smartum benefits and help them feel and do good.
Put your employees first by supporting their well-being!

You can offer your employees exercise, exercise and culture, lunch, massage, and commute benefits. Support your employees' well-being with the benefits of your choice digitally or with paper vouchers.

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Exercise Benefit icon

Exercise Benefit

Exercise benefit is the way to refreshing moments of well-being. There are over 10 000 exercise venues in Smartum network, which means that there is something for everyone, whether the thing you enjoy the most is pole dancing, swimming or ball games.

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Exercise & Culture Benefit icon

Exercise & Culture Benefit

Exercise and culture benefit will give your employees the possibility to do whatever makes them happy. There are over 15 000 exercise and culture venues in our network.

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Lunch Benefit icon

Lunch Benefit

Encourage your employees to enjoy healthy lunch and ensure their stress-free lunch breaks. There are over 8000 lunch venues in our network. Join the frontier of employers supporting delicious lunch breaks!

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Massage Benefits icon

Massage Benefit

Add some luxury to your employees' lives and support their working capacity with Smartum Massage Benefit. When the shoulders get stiff, the benefit can be used in over 5000 massage and physiotherapy venues within our network.

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Commute Benefit icon

Commute Benefit

Support your employees' everyday commuting by offering Smartum Commute Benefit. This is a economical and ecological way to commute by using SmartumPay app and in ticket sale venues.

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SmartumPay – the most effortless way to pay with fringe benefits

SmartumPay is a free of charge mobile app for electronic Smartum benefit users. SmartumPay will make paying effortless and makes your life easier.

In addition to easy payments, SmartumPay always keeps you updated on the amount and validity period of your benefits. SmartumPay is up for a free download in app stores.

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Over 13 000 companies support their employees' well-being with us