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Let your employees know you care. Encourage commitment. Smartum benefits are a smart and cost-effective way to improve your employees' well-being.


All Smartum benefits are completely or partly tax-free

Smartum benefits give you much more than they cost. The benefits fulfill all tax authority's requirements and are a safe way to help your employees to feel and do well.

Exercise and culture

Exercise & culture benefit

Urge your employees to exercise and enjoy culture. You can offer your employees exercise and culture benefit tax-free up to 400 euros per year.

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Lunch benefit

Join the frontier of employers offering healthy and delicious lunch! You can offer the lunch benefit as a fringe benefit or as a lunch deduction.

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Massage benefit

Keep your employees' minds clear and bodies healthy. You can offer tax-free massage benefit up to 400 euros per year.

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Commute benefit

Encourage your employees to commute ecologically. Smartum's commute benefit is completely tax-free up to 3400 euros per year.

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Exercise and culture benefit

Exercise and culture benefit

Support your employees' exercise and culture hobbies

Support your employees in their exercising and cultural activities with exercise or exercise and culture benefit and deduct the resulting expenses in full in your company’s income taxation. The benefit is tax-free to the employee, if it can be deemed normal and reasonable. Employees’ voluntary exercise and cultural hobbies may be supported to the amount of €400 per year.

The employee can also be expected to pay their own contribution for the exercise and culture benefits – this has been approved by the tax authority.

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Lunch benefit

Lunch benefit

Cheer up your staff with tax supported lunch benefit

The lunch benefit is a benefit worth money – for the employer as well as the employee. The employer can make tax deductions for the costs. As for the employee, they either get a fringe benefit in addition to the salary or a lunch deduction.

You can offer lunch benefit as digital saldo or paper vouchers. With lunch saldo the employees can pay the cost of part of the cost of their meal that lands between 8.00€ and 12.70€. The vouchers are valued at 9.00€, 11.30€ and 12.70€ in the year 2023.

On top of salary or out of salary?

You can offer the lunch benefit to your
employees as a fringe benefit on top of the
salary or as a lunch reduction from the salary.

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Commute benefit

Commute benefit

Support your employees' commuting tax-free

You can offer the commute benefit on top of the salary or as part of the current salary. The benefit is completely tax-free up to €3400 per year. You do not need to offer the commute benefit to the entire staff. You can also offer it to an employee with a full company car benefit.

The benefit is personal and the employee can use it to buy a value ticket or a season ticket. It is intended for commuting between home and work but employees can also use it for personal journeys.

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Massage benefit

Massage benefit

Refresh your employees with tax-free massage benefit

Massage benefit enables you to provide your employees for example with a monthly massage or physiotherapy services completely tax-free. You can adjust the monetary value of the benefit to meet your employees’ needs.

The prerequisite of the tax administration for the massage benefit is that the massage benefit is used only in massage and physiotherapy venues within the Smartum massage and physiotherapy network specified by the employer. You can provide 400€ massage saldo per year. With the massage balance, employees can buy massages, sports massages and physiotherapy services, but for example no spa treatments. The employee can pay using the massage saldo by using SmartumPay mobile payment, so the benefit travels everywhere with the user on their phone.

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