Telia performs maintenance work on Saturday 8th of May between 6 am and 4 pm. During the maintenance work, there may be breaks in MobileID service and it can't be used for electronic identification for Smartum's services.


Smartum online payment

Receive Smartum payments easily online! With Smartum online payment you offer your customers a wholesome customer experience and make more sales.

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Make more sales with Smartum

Accept Smartum online payments easily

Your customers can now pay with Smartum benefits directly on your online store or website. Smartum online payment (Checkout) is an easy and safe way to make and receive payments. With Smartum online payment your customers can make online purchases quickly at any time of the day, without leaving your website.

Make paying simple and start accepting Smartum online payments now!

Smartum online payments – anytime, anywhere

When making a purchase from your online store or website, the customer chooses Smartum as a payment method and logs in with their Smartum username and password, or with online banking code. The payment is then approved, and the customer gets a receipt, as they would in your normal purchase process. The customer never leaves your purchase funnel. Payments are confirmed by Smartum and settled twice a week to the partner.


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Add Smartum online payment to your website and receive payments effortlessly

Setting up Smartum online payments is easy and does not require complicated changes to your website. Add Smartum as an online payment method to your online store or website and start receiving Smartum online payments! Below you will find instructions on how to add Smartum online payment to your payment method selection. Share this with your website developer.

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