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Exercise benefit 

 Get your staff moving with Smartum's exercise benefit!
More exercise is more employees who feel and do well.

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Support your staff's sporty hobbies

Exercise benefit does good for mind and body. There are already over 10 000 exercise venues in Smartum network, where your employees can pay their sporty hobbies easily with exercise benefit. Exercise benefit will open the doors for fun and easy well-being.

You can offer exercise benefit as digital saldo, paper vouchers, or with SmartumPlus flexible saldo.
The choice is yours!

exercise payment methods


Offer exercise benefit digitally or as vouchers

Exercise saldo Ordering and managing Smartum's digital exercise saldo is easy in Smartum web service. With the digital exercise saldo, hobbies can be paid with SmartumPay mobile app or with online payment, depending on the venue. SmartumPay is up for free download in app stores.

The exercise saldo stored in an employee’s Smartum account is valid for 15 months from the time the balance is stored.
As an employer, you can keep track of employees’ exercise balances in real time and make sure their benefits are never wasted. Any exercise saldo left over after the expiry date are returned to the employer’s Smartum account for redistribution to employees.
Exercise voucher The traditional four-euro voucher is the right choice for employers who want to offer their employees more tangible benefits. The vouchers are valid for a minimum of 12 months. The exercise vouchers on sale now are valid until 31st of December 2021.

Exercise vouchers are delivered in bundles of ten vouchers. After you have placed an order via Smartum’s online service and approved your invoice, the vouchers will be sent to you. You can also order personalised exercise vouchers. This means that each voucher comes with the employee’s name printed on it and there is no need to write the names on the back. The cost of personalisation is €0.07 per voucher, with a minimum charge of €75 (+ VAT 24%).
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Support well-being with sports and much more

With SmartumPlus service you let your employees to choose, what they need to support their well-being.

SmartumPlus entails flexible well-being saldo, with which employees can pay for their exercise, culture, commute, as well as massage services. You can include lunch benefit to your SmartumPlus benefits as well. SmartumPlus benefits are used with SmartumPay mobile app or with online payment, depending on the venue. SmartumPay is up for free download in app stores.

Orderng SmartumPlus benefits is easy and the employees can use them almost right away. Also the administration of the benefits is easy: you will get the reports directly to your company's payroll administration.

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exercise taxation

Taxation of exercise benefit

Tax-free sports

Support your employees in their exercising and cultural activities and deduct the resulting expenses in full in your company’s income taxation. The benefit is tax-free to the employee, if it can be deemed normal and reasonable. Employees’ voluntary exercise and cultural hobbies may be supported to the amount of €400 per year.

Read more about the taxation of exercise benefit from our tax guide

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