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Smartum benefits give you much more than they cost. The tax guide will tell employers everything about taxation and Smartum.

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Pricelist - Smartum Saldo and Smartum vouchers

If you feel like dropping a few items off your to-do list and managing your staff’s well-being benefits electronically, the solution is Smartum Saldo. The electronic Smartum Saldo account allows you to load balance (saldo) for lunch, exercise, cultural, massage, and daily commute benefits. All the electronic benefits come handy in the SmartumPay mobile app!

If you prefer to encourage the well-being of your employees in a more traditional manner, give them a bunch of vouchers. Paper vouchers are available for the Smartum Lunch, Exercise and Exercise and Culture benefits.

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Ordering Smartum benefits

If you have ordered Smartum benefits before, you can place a new order by logging into our online service in the top right corner of the screen.

If you are ordering for the first time, you need to register on our online service first. Before you place your order, take a minute to think about the following:

  • employee benefits for encouraging the well-being of your employees
  • the amount of benefit(s) and potential responsibility of the employee
  • the distribution of the benefits: electronic Smartum Saldo or traditional paper vouchers
  • the cycle of ordering benefits: periodically or as required
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Smartum Exercise benefit

The Smartum Exercise benefit is a tax-free way of setting new records in the well-being of your employees. This benefit can be provided with a payment card, mobile app, or a traditional voucher. With it, your employees can keep on the move in thousands of facilities across Finland.

Whether it’s pole dancing, racket sports or an armoured vehicle driving experience your employees are after, Smartum Exercise benefit makes well-being fun and easy. Join the leaders in well-being and start using Smartum now!

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Smartum Massage benefit

Employees complaining about neck and shoulder tension? Not for much longer! With the Smartum Massage benefit, employees can enjoy a bit of luxury while maintaining their working ability. A massage benefit on your mobile phone works well on its own, and is a great addition to the Smartum Exercise benefit.

Join the leading team of attractive employers and add Smartum Massage benefit in your selection of employee benefits. What could be a better way of providing some much needed rest and relaxation for your employees?

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Smartum Lunch benefit

Make it easy for your employees to enjoy a healthy lunch every day with Smartum Lunch benefit. You can choose either the electronic Smartum Saldo or the more traditional paper voucher.

Join the group of enlightened employers that offer their personnel the chance to have a healthy, balanced meal every day.

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“Smartum Saldo has made the greatest difference in the time we spend on managing benefits. With just one card, the benefits are also accessible and easy to use for our employees“.

Sami Ruponen, HR Specialist


Lead your employees to well-being and order the Smartum benefits now!