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Smartum employee benefits

Take the well-being of your employees to new levels with Smartum employee benefits! We offer lunch, exercise and cultural activities, commute and massage. Take a look at the benefits and choose the benefits that will light up your employees. All the electronic benefits come handy in the SmartumPay mobile app!

Smartum Lunch benefit

Mobile payment
Lunch voucher

Make it easy for your employees to enjoy a healthy lunch every day with the Smartum Lunch benefit. You can choose either the electronic Smartum Saldo or the more traditional paper voucher. Join the group of enlightened employers that offer their personnel the chance to have a healthy, balanced meal every day.

Select the amount of the lunch benefit and the tax mode – the ball is in your court

Offer lunch benefits to your employees, choose the sum and the method best suited to you. Add the benefit to your employees’ salaries and make it a taxable benefit, or deduct it from their salaries.

Match the benefits to your employees

If your workforce consists of both sales representatives who are always on the move and employees who mostly work at the office, you might consider offering the lunch benefit to a limited part of your workforce, or to give them benefits with different values.

Rock solid benefit for sole traders

The size of your company is not a factor when it comes to the lunch benefit. The Smartum Lunch benefit is available to all limited companies, even if you are the only employee. You must eat, too, right?

Smartum Exercise benefit

Mobile payment
Online payment
Exercise voucher

The Smartum Exercise benefit is a tax-free way of setting new records in the well-being of your employees. This benefit can be provided with SmartumPay mobile app or traditional voucher. With it, your employees can keep on the move in thousands of facilities across Finland.

Electronic or paper format – you decide

Smartum offers the exercise benefit to suit your needs – in electronic or paper format. The Smartum Exercise benefit fits in your wallet and goes where you go, or you can use the SmartumPay app on your mobile phone to pay for gym classes and badminton.. Bundles of traditional exercise vouchers are great for fattening up your employees’ wallets to promote their well-being.

When you offer benefits electronically, you can monitor their use in real time

Only benefits that are used will promote well-being. As an employer, you can monitor the user statistics of electronic Smartum benefits in real time and make sure that the benefits never go to waste. Any exercise benefits left over after the expiry date are returned to the employer’s Smartum account for redistribution to employees.

Our network covers the entirety of Finland

Smartum users can take their pick. The Smartum network includes thousands of exercise facilities and your employees can choose the exercise they like. If lifting weights down at the gym is not your thing, then give agility, cross fit or SUP boarding a go!

Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit

Mobile payment
Online payment
Exercise and cultural voucher

The Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit offers your employees the chance to enjoy the hobbies they love. The exercise and culture benefit can be provided with SmartumPay mobile app or traditional voucher, and it is well-known in thousands of establishments all around Finland.

Tax-free encouragement

The Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit offers a VAT-exempt payment method, and the purchase costs are tax-deductible for the employer. You are allowed to support employee activities with up to €400 tax free, with no indirect labour costs. Whether you want to give your employees the prepaid electronic exercise and culture saldo or the paper vouchers is entirely up to you.

Locations across the country

Smartum users can take their pick. The Smartum exercise and culture network includes around 12,000 activity locations, allowing your employees to choose the physical and cultural activities that suit them. If lifting weights down at the gym is not your thing, then there is plenty to choose from; from arena concerts and ice-hockey matches to evening classes.

Smartum Massage benefit

Mobile payment

Employees complaining about neck and shoulder tension? Not for much longer! With the Smartum Massage benefit, your employees can enjoy a bit of luxury while maintaining their working ability. This body-conditioning benefit is available on employees’ mobile phones. This tax-free benefit is easy to use for both the employer and the employee.

The tax-free benefit that is easy to manage

Smartum enables you to provide your employees with a monthly massage completely tax-free. You can adjust the monetary value of the benefit to meet your employees’ needs. To remain tax-free, the benefit can be used once a month. Employees use the benefit with SmartumPay mobile application. This makes it easy for the employer to keep track of how your employees use the benefits and to make sure they don’t go to waste.

An attractive benefit

Studies show that well-being is a major consideration in terms of workplace attractiveness. Join the team of attractive employers and add Smartum Massage benefit to your selection of employee benefits. What could be a better way of providing some much needed rest and relaxation for your employees?

Massage therapists all over the country

No more extra paperwork and negotiating contracts with individual therapists. You can use the Smartum Massage benefit in any of the massage venues included in the Smartum massage network. When neck pain emerges, the massage benefit is handy to use all over Finland.

Smartum Commute benefit

Mobile payment

Simplify your employees’ daily commute with the Smartum Commute benefit. Your employees can use this benefit with SmartumPay mobile application to pay for their travel fares and travel cards at any R-Kioski and in a number of other sales points.

Customise the benefit to suit the needs of your employees

There are several ways of offering the Smartum Commute benefit to your employees. Store the full value in your employee’s account with a single transaction, or in monthly payments. Or, you can choose to offer the benefit to the most active public transport users. The benefit also serves as an incentive that encourages people to use public transport instead of driving to work. You can also offer the benefit to those who already enjoy a full company car benefit.

Easy to manage and use

Managing and keeping track of the commute benefit is simple and straightforward through the Smartum online service. You can monitor how many employees have used their benefits, and you can encourage employees if they have forgotten about their benefit along the way. Employees can buy tickets with the SmartumPay app at any R-Kioski across Finland and in a number of other sales points.

Offer this benefit to your employees, completely tax-free

The commute benefit is completely tax-free to you up to €300. If you want, you can support commuting up to the whole value of an annual travel card, your tax benefit will vary according to the amount. You can also choose to include the commute benefit in the employee’s regular salary, or offer it as an added benefit.