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Ordering Smartum benefits

If you have ordered Smartum credits before, you can place a new order by logging in to our online service near the top right corner of the screen.

If you are about to order our credit for the first time, you need to register as a Smartum customer first. Before placing your order, take a moment to think about the following issues:

  • employee benefits for encouraging the well-being of your employees
  • the amount of the benefit(s) and potential responsibility of the employee
  • distribution of the benefits: electronic Smartum Saldo or traditional paper vouchers
  • the cycle of ordering benefits: periodically or as required

Using the order list

When you order Smartum benefits in our online service, you will come across the order list in the registration service. It makes benefit management easy, especially when you have many employees. You will need to use the order list when you order Smartum Saldo or personalised vouchers, or when you store new balance for your employees’ Smartum accounts.

For those ordering non-personalised vouchers, the order list is great for collating information on the employees willing to receive Smartum benefits. You can use the service to inform your employees about the benefits, and your employees can use it to register as benefit users directly in the Smartum online service.

Registering for benefit orders

Before you start using the registration service, make sure that your employees have access to an email address. Once you have registered for ordering benefits and submitted the email addresses of your employees entitled to the benefits, we will send them a link for registering for a benefit. Your employees can use the link to register as benefit users in the Smartum online service.

And finally!

Once the registering period determined by you has passed, you can accept those registered for a benefit, order the benefits and pay the invoice. As soon as we receive the payment, the saldo will be distributed to the recipients’ Smartum accounts. The beneficiaries can start using Smartum Saldo right away after the saldo has been distributed, depending on the venue, with SmartumPay mobile application.

Smartum Saldo benefits are used with SmartumPay mobile application. We will deliver the vouchers (Lunch, Exercise plus Exercise and Culture) on the first working day after the payment has been registered with Smartum. Payments with the Commute and Massage benefit are made with SmartumPay mobile application.

Order the vouchers personalised

Make administration easier and order personalised Smartum Exercise and Smartum Exercise and Culture vouchers for your employees. This means that the employee’s name is printed on the back of the vouchers ordered for them. You can order personalised vouchers through the Smartum online service using the voucher ordering list either through the registeration service or by using an excel list.

Check this out before you order personalised vouchers

  • Minimum order is a bundle consisting of ten vouchers. You can only order full bundles for each employee.
  • Think about who you are ordering the vouchers for, and how many you need. The order list makes this easy.
  • Personalised vouchers are delivered within two weeks after the payment appears in the Smartum bank account.
  • The cost of personalised vouchers is €0.07 per voucher, with a minimum fee of €75. Value-added tax (24 %) will be included to the prices from 1.1.2019 onwards.