Smartum partner networks

A million Finns have access to Smartum benefits through their employers. Tap into this huge potential and ride the Smartum wave to increase your cash flow! It is free to join the Smartum network and there are no membership fees. You only pay a service fee when you run a Smartum payment through your cash register.

Step up and join the network of Smartum partners for lunch, exercise, culture or massage!

Smartum Lunch network

It is in all our interest that the one million Smartum users have as many lunch places to choose from as possible. Become a Smartum partner and increase your restaurant’s visibility. We are all winners when people use Smartum payment methods to eat at your restaurant.

Smartum Lunch includes three payment methods: a payment card, SmartumPay mobile payment and a lunch voucher. You decide which methods you accept. Of course, our recommendation is that you accept all payment methods so that you do not risk sending any hungry Smartum users to the restaurant next door.

There are no fixed costs for accepting Smartum payments. You only pay a commission when you run a payment through your cash register. You do not need any new equipment, applications or software to accept Smartum payments.

If you are unsure, click here for the frequently asked questions and answers about the Smartum Lunch network.

Smartum Exercise and Culture network

A million Finns are already using Smartum benefits. A Smartum sticker on your door will act as a customer magnet and help increase your cash flow. You can accept Smartum payments made with a payment card, SmartumPay mobile payment, a voucher or web payment.

Most users take their mobile phones everywhere, as well as their Smartums. Your customers can pay with SmartumPay by showing you the payment receipt on their mobile phone screen if you have opted to accept SmartumPay payments on the Smartum online service. Each new payment method means new potential customers for you.

See here for frequently asked questions about the exercise and culture network if you are unsure about something.

Smartum Massage network

Are you interested in an easy way of finding new customers? More and more companies are offering the Smartum Massage benefit to their employees. The massage benefit motivates its users to keep their bodies supple with massage services. When a customer arrives for a massage, you have an excellent opportunity for add-on sales.

Joining the massage network is free, and there are no membership fees. You only pay a service fee for the payments made with the Smartum massage benefit. The process is easy with the SmartumPay mobile payment. Just remember that customers can only use the massage benefit to pay for a massage, not the exercise benefit.

If you are unsure, see here for frequently asked questions about the massage network.