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The pricing of Smartum Saldo

Smartum Saldo is an electronic service that enables the benefits offered by an employer to be stored in employees’ personal Smartum Saldo accounts. Lunch, exercise, culture, massage, and/or daily commute benefits can be stored in the account. It can be used with SmartumPay mobile application, payment card or web payment, depending on the venue. And best of all, it is all managed electronically!


The total costs of Smartum Saldo depend on the number of employees and the total value of the benefits offered. The following costs are list prices. The price consists of account management fee (percentage), which is calculated of the nominal value of the Saldo Benefit being purchased. Employees can pay with a free SmartumPay mobile application.

Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the ancillary costs mentioned above.

Benefit Account management fee
 Lunch  1.5%
 Exercise and cultural benefit  5%
 Massage  5%
 Daily commute  5%

Invoicing fee is €15 per order. Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the ancillary costs. The benefits themselves are free of value-added tax.

Validity period

Benefits stored in a Smartum Saldo account are valid for 15 months from the time of loading. Any exercise, cultural, massage and commute balance remaining in an account at the end of the validity period will be refunded to the employer’s Smartum account for re-allocation. The refunded Saldo balance can be used until the end of the following calendar year. The balance of an employer’s Smartum account is not paid back in cash. Unused Lunch balance is not refunded to the employer for re-allocation.

Pricing of the Smartum vouchers

Paper vouchers are available for the Smartum Lunch, Exercise, and Exercise and Culture benefits.

Smartum vouchers are ordered in bundles of ten vouchers. The delivery fee of orders placed online for lunch, exercise and culture is €30 or €35, depending on the delivery method. The delivery fee includes postage. Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the delivery fee.

Values of the vouchers

The value of the Exercise and Culture voucher is €5.00 and the value of the Exercise voucher is €4.00.

In 2019, the values of the Smartum Lunch vouchers are either €8.20, €10.00 or €10.70.

Delivery methods

You can choose the payment method when placing the order:

  • Advance invoice: the order is paid in advance and delivered as a registered letter once Smartum has registered the payment. The delivery will be mailed as a registered letter if the order is between 1-30 booklets. Orders with over 30 booklets will be sent as an Express package. In this case the order is delivered to the customers office within the next working day between 8-16. It is also possible to request an invoice to your e-mail immediately after the placement of the order. A delivery fee of €30 (+ VAT 24 %) will be added to the order.
  • Cash on delivery: the payment is made when the item is collected from the post office. A delivery fee of €30 and cash on delivery cost of €5 (+ VAT 24 %) will be added to the order. With cash on delivery, the maximum order is €2,000. Non-collection of an item is subject to a €15 (+ VAT 24 %) charge.

Personalized vouchers

You can order Smartum Exercise and Culture vouchers personalized to your employees. This means that the name of each employee is printed on the back of the vouchers ordered for them. The cost of personalized vouchers is €0.07 per voucher with a minimum fee of €75. Value-added tax (24 %) will be added to the personalization costs.