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The Smartum Commute benefit is a simple way of offering your employees an affordable and ecological commute.

The Smartum Commute benefit is available as the electronic Smartum Saldo; and it is easy to pay for tickets by using SmartumPay mobile application. SmartumPay is available for free download in app stores (Google Play Store and App Store).

Easy to use and manage

  • Managing and keeping track of the commute benefit in Smartum’s online service is simple and straightforward. Everything happens online: ordering, informing employees, storing value and tracking.
  • Store the value in your employee’s Smartum account. Tickets can be purchased with the SmartumPay app at any R-Kioski across Finland and in a number of other sales points.
  • Value stored in the employee’s account is valid for 15 months. Any benefits left over after the expiry date are returned to the employer’s Smartum account for redistribution to employees.
  • The benefit is personal and the employee can use it to buy a value ticket or a season ticket. It is intended for commuting between home and work, but employees can also use it for personal journeys.

Take the taxing out of taxes

  • You can choose to include the commute benefit in the employee’s regular salary, or offer it as an added benefit.
  • The commute benefit is tax-free for employees up to €300 and for amounts between € 751 - 3,400.
  • Your tax benefit will depend on the amount, and the procurement costs are tax-deductible. Read more about Smartum Commute taxation here.

Simplify your employees’ daily commute with the Smartum Commute benefit.

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