Settlement of Smartum payment instruments

Smartum payments are made to your business’ bank account in next to no time. As the payments are made, a service fee is charged. You can see the services fee on the Price list page. If there are changes to your company’s bank details, please inform us via email.

Settlement of Smartum payments

  • You will receive settlements for Smartum payment card payments made on the payment terminal from your bank in the same way that you receive normal card payments.
  • Smartum charges a service fee for card payments four times a year retrospectively.

Settlement of mobile and online payments

  • Smartum settles mobile and online payments within a few days.
  • The minimum amount for payments settled is €40. A service fee will be deducted from the amount in accordance with the price list. You can adjust the minimum/maximum amount for settlements in your own Smartum online service.

Settlement of Smartum voucher payments

The settlement of payments made with Smartum Exercise, Culture and Lunch vouchers is easy. Visit our material bank for handling and settlement instructions for Smartum payment instruments. It’s easy!

Remember to deliver the vouchers that will soon expire to Smartum by the end of January in order to receive the payments in time!

  • The last settlement day of exercise and culture vouchers that expire at the end of the year (31 December) is 31 January the following year.
  • The last settlement day of lunch vouchers that expire at the end of the year is 31 January the following year.