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Promote well-being with Smartum Well-being Incentives

Smartum Well-being Incentives provide an easy way for employers to impress, reward, activate and encourage employees and promote their well-being. These new services are only available to Smartum's employer clients.

We want to offer our clients a little something extra and ease the work of HR professionals. This is why we got together with our top professional partners to develop the Smartum Well-being Incentives.

Currently our range of Well-being Incentives includes:

Smartum Smoothie – A distinguishable and different way to delight and recognise employees

The Smartum Smoothie voucher is a payment method that promotes well-being, which can be used to purchase a delicious smoothie at any Jungle Juice Bar location in Finland.


Energy Moment – A new kind of Well-being Incentive.

Energy Moment is a service offered by Smartum and Laturi only to Smartum's employer clients. The service is part of the new Well-being Incentives, which we are currently building in collaboration with our service providers.



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