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Price list for Smartum payment instruments

Prices of voucher products

Smartum vouchers are ordered in booklets. The processing fee for registered clients for orders made through the online service is €25,00 or €30,00 per delivery, depending on the delivery method (see delivery methods below). The processing fee includes postage. The fastest way to place an order is on the Internet. Ordering does not lead to an obligation to place further orders.

Voucher values

A single Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli voucher has a value of €5.00, while a Liikuntaseteli voucher has a value of €4.00. In 2016, Smartum Lounas vouchers are available in values of €8.20, €8.70, €9.00, €9.70, €10.00, or €10.30. The minimum value of the lunch benefit is €6.40 and the maximum value is €10.30 (Finnish Tax Administration's decision on in-kind benefits in 2017).

Delivery methods

The orderer can define their preferred payment method when placing an order:

  • Advance invoice, in which case the order is paid in advance and delivered by post as a registered letter as soon as the transaction is registered on Smartum Oy's account. The invoice can be delivered as a PDF file to the orderer's e-mail address immediately after placing an order. Processing fee €20.00.
  • Cash on delivery, in which case the order is paid at the post office upon pick-up. Processing fee €30.00. Cash on delivery can be used as a payment method for orders of up to €2,000.00. Unclaimed deliveries are subject to a penalty fee of €15.00. Orders exceeding €8,000.00 are automatically delivered by courier in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area at no additional cost. Orders exceeding €8,000.00 in other parts of Finland are delivered as insured items at no additional cost. Vouchers are dispatched on the day that the payment transaction is registered on Smartum's bank account.

You can also order Liikuntaseteli vouchers and Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli vouchers pre-designated

Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli vouchers can also be ordered pre-designated to employees. In this case the name of each employee is printed on the back of his or her vouchers. The cost of pre-designated vouchers is 7 cents (€0.07) per voucher, with a minimum charge of €75.00.

Example order:

An order for €200.00 worth of pre-designated Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli vouchers for 30 employees each, placed as a registered client through the Smartum online service.

€200.00 x 30(= 40 vouchers/employee)€6,000.00
Pre-designated vouchers(€0.07/voucher, min. €75.00)€84.00
Order processing fee(Advance invoice)€25.00



Smartum Saldo pricing basis

Smartum Saldo is an electronic service, in which the benefit offered by the employer is loaded to the beneficiary's, meaning the employee's, personal Smartum account. The employer can choose whether to load an exercise balance, exercise and culture balance, lunch balance or commuter balance to each employee's Smartum account.

Period of validity

Benefits are valid for 15 months after they are loaded on to the card. Any exercise, exercise and culture or commuter balance not used by an employee during the period of validity is returned to the employer’s Smartum account to be redistributed. Unused lunch balance is not returned. Any exercise, exercise and culture and commuter balance returned to the employer's Smartum account remains usable until the end of the next calendar year following its return. The returned instalment on the employer’s Smartum account will not be returned in monetary form.


The cost of Smartum Saldo depends on the number of beneficiaries and the total value of the benefit provided. The price consists of a percentage-based account management fee and the price of the beneficiaries' individual cards. Työmatkasaldo payments are made using a mobile phone QR code, so no card is needed.