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Promote well-being with a lunch benefit

Smartum Lounas is an easy way to promote employee well-being. A lunch benefit offers employees the opportunity to have regular and healthy meals, whether they work at the office, in a plant, in a store, or on the road.

Smartum Lounas is designed as payment for meals during work, and it can only be used to pay for meals. The lunch benefit can be offered to employees in the form of Smartum Lounasseteli vouchers or a Lounassaldo account connected to a Smartum card.

Why choose Smartum Lounas?

Promoting well-being

Studies show that having lunch and taking a lunch break have a significant impact on work efficiency and workplace well-being. In addition to healthy eating, social interaction during lunch breaks also contributes to alertness and well-being.

Tax exemption and cost efficiency

The lunch benefit is a monetary benefit to both employers and employees. The employer’s expenses are tax deductible and the employee benefits from the lunch benefit either as a fringe benefit on top of their normal salary, or in the form of a meal deduction, in which case the taxable value of the benefit (75%) is deducted from the employee’s salary.

Employee appreciation and freedom of choice

Employees appreciate lunch benefits due to the resulting savings and freedom of choice. A lunch benefit encourages employees to vary their meals and take regular lunch breaks.

Choosing your payment instrument

Smartum Lounas can be offered to employees in the form of vouchers or a Lounassaldo account connected to a Smartum card.


  • Lounassaldo is used with a Smartum payment card, which is mailed directly to the employee.
  • The employer handles the administration of the benefit completely electronically.
  • All Smartum benefits (exercise, exercise and culture and lunch) are usable with the same card.
  • The balance added to an employee’s Smartum account will remain valid for 15 months from the moment it is added.
  • €6.50–10.40 of Lounassaldo can be used at a time (in accordance with the decision of the Finnish Tax Administration on in-kind benefits in 2018).

Smartum vouchers

The voucher is a familiar and popular way of utilising the lunch benefit.

  • Vouchers are easy to order through the Smartum online service. We deliver the vouchers to you the next working day after the invoice is registered at Smartum. Vouchers are ordered in booklets. One booklet = 10 vouchers.
  • In 2018, Smartum Lounasseteli vouchers are available in values of €8.20, €8.70, €9.00, €9.70, €10.00, €10.30 or €10.40.
  • Vouchers are valid for a minimum of 12 months. The Smartum Lounasseteli vouchers currently being sold are valid until 31 December 2019.


Our network is growing daily. You can find all the restaurants that accept Smartum Lounas payment instruments with the help of our venue search (only available in Finnish).

Is there a venue that you would like to have added to the Smartum network? Not to worry, simply let us know their contact details and we will do our best to accommodate you and add the venue to our network.

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