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Promote well-being with an exercise benefit

Supporting your employees' exercise activities is a great way to demonstrate that you value their well-being. Healthy employees are not only motivated, but also call in sick less.

With the Smartum Liikuntaseteli vouchers or the Smartum Liikuntasaldo balance, employees can pay for exercise services at thousands of exercise venues around Finland.

We offer two different ways of supporting exercise


Smartum Liikuntasaldo

Smartum Saldo is a convenient solution when you want to administer your employees' exercise benefit electronically. Ordering the benefit, communication, loading and monitoring are all carried out online. The Smartum cards are delivered directly to employees by post.

Through the accompanying Smartum online service the employer can:

  • easily communicate about the availability of the benefit to employees. request employees to register as beneficiaries.
  • define the amount of the exercise benefit to be loaded on to the card.
  • load exercise benefits to employees' Smartum accounts.

Visa ensures an extensive network

Based on Visa technology, the card can be used as a payment method at nearly all exercise venues included in the Smartum Saldo network that accept Visa debit and credit cards. If the venue does not use payment terminals (e.g. some small orienteering tracks), the service can be paid online through the employee's personal Smartum online service. You can find all the venues that accept Smartum Saldo as a payment method with the help of our venue search (only available in Finnish).

A card that is easy to use

The Visa logo on the card indicates that the card functions in the same way as familiar debit and credit cards. The card is extremely easy to use, and reliability is absolutely first-rate. Identification is handled with a signature. Since the card is a so-called prepaid card, it cannot be used to pay in excess of the balance provided.

The card is mailed home

Employees' Smartum cards are mailed directly to their home addresses and the benefit is immediately ready to use. Benefits are valid for 15 months after they are loaded on to the card. Any balance not used by an employee during the period of validity is returned to the employer’s Smartum account to be redistributed. The balance will remain valid for redistribution until the end of the next calendar year.

The use of Smartum Saldo requires employees to register as beneficiaries and accept the terms of use of the card.

Why choose Smartum Saldo?

Smartum Saldo is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes. Ordering and managing the cards is easy, and using them could not be simpler. When choosing between the vouchers and the card, please consider the following:

  1. Employees need to register as Smartum Saldo beneficiaries online. Can your employees get online easily?
  2. Is the distribution of the vouchers inconvenient? Many companies have work sites around the country. Smartum cards are delivered directly to the employees' home addresses.

There may be different practices within the same company. For example the employees of the company's main office may have daily access to the Internet, making the card an ideal solution for them. Meanwhile warehouse employees can be offered the same benefit in the form of vouchers.

Find out more about venues that accept Smartum Saldo as a payment method with the help of our venue search (only available in Finnish).

Smartum Liikuntaseteli

The Liikuntaseteli exercise voucher is a tax exempt benefit developed by Smartum in 1996 for the purpose of promoting employee well-being. The Liikuntaseteli voucher is an easy way to support employees' exercise activities and thus show that you care about their well-being. A healthy employee is motivated and efficient, and calls in sick less.

The Smartum Liikuntaseteli
vouchers currently
being sold are valid until
31 December 2019.


The Liikuntaseteli voucher encourages active exercise among employees. With the voucher employees can engage in their preferred kind of exercise activities whenever it best suits them. Some employers appreciate the fact that the vouchers can be concretely distributed to employees. The monetary incentive communicates to employees that their employer cares about their well-being.

Where can the vouchers be used?

Liikuntaseteli vouchers can be used at thousands of exercise venues around Finland. With such an extensive range of venues and types of exercise to choose from, every employee is sure to find something that interests them. As a payment method meant to promote active exercise, the exercise vouchers cannot be used to pay for cultural services, for example.

Find out more about the venues that accept Smartum vouchers with the help of our venue search (only available in Finnish).

For whom?

For employers who wish to promote employee well-being through exercise and freedom of choice.
Liikuntaseteli is an individualised employee benefit meant for the personal use of the beneficiary. The vouchers cannot be used to pay for the exercise activities of children or other family members. The voucher is a security printed payment instrument.

How much do the vouchers cost?

The Liikuntaseteli voucher is a VAT exempt payment instrument, which costs the employer four euros per voucher. The only cost on top of this is a processing fee, which is added to every order and also includes delivery. The acquisition costs of the vouchers are tax deductible as normal business expenses. Employers can use the exercise vouchers to support employees' exercise activities tax free by up to 400 euros/employee/year. The employer does not pay other salary-related expenses for the benefit.

Pre-assigned vouchers

You can make the administration of the vouchers easier by ordering them pre-assigned. This means that each employee's name is printed on the vouchers during security printing.

Ordering vouchers

The easiest way to order vouchers is through the Smartum online service. No contract is required, so placing an order does not obligate you to place further orders. As a result you are free to test whether Liikuntaseteli is the right solution for your employees. The Smartum Liikuntaseteli vouchers currently being sold are valid until 31 December 2019.

Are you interested?

Contact us and we'll see if Smartum Saldo is the right employee benefit solution for your company.

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