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Promote well-being with a commuter benefit

- a smart commuter benefit that saves money, time and the environment

With Smartum Työmatkasaldo, employers can offer an easy-to-use commuter benefit to employees. Työmatkasaldo is a valued employee benefit, which makes employee’s everyday life more convenient and thus promotes well-being.

People in Finland make over 2 million round trips between their home and workplace every day, 75% of them by car Every employee who switches from a car to public transport contributes to employment while also protecting the environment.

With Työmatkasaldo, employees can purchase ticket products suitable to their commute or load their travel cards at R-kioskis around Finland. Paying with Työmatkasaldo is simple – transactions are made using a mobile phone QR code. Managing Työmatkasaldo is also easy for the employer: ordering the benefit, communication, loading and monitoring are all carried out online.

Ordering Työmatkasaldo is easy

The benefit is ordered through the employer’s own Smartum online service. The benefit is added to the employee’s personal Smartum account.

  • The employer can offer and load the commuter benefit for an entire year at a time or as a recurring, e.g. monthly benefit.
  • With recurring orders, the benefit is automatically distributed to employees’ Smartum accounts once a month.
  • Employees can also personally reduce their benefit amount if necessary.
  • The balance added to an employee’s Smartum account will remain valid for 15 months from the moment it is added. Any balance not used by an employee during the period of validity is returned to the employer’s Smartum account.
  • In addition to the nominal value of the benefit, the employer is charged a 5% account management fee and a 25 euro administration fee, which are charged in connection with the order.

Sorting out the taxes!

You do not necessarily need to offer the commuter benefit to your entire personnel. The benefit can also be offered to persons who have an unlimited company car benefit (up to a maximum of €300).

  • Employers can offer the commuter benefit on top of employees’ regular pay or as part of their current pay.
  • The commuter benefit is particularly useful for employees who are not eligible for a travelling expense allowance because their travel costs from travel between their home and workplace are under €750.
  • The benefit is personal and the employee can use it to purchase either a value ticket (balance added to a personal card) or a season ticket.
  • The commuter benefit is a tax free benefit up to €300 and between €751 and €3,400. The procurement costs are tax deductible for the employer.
  • The commuter benefit is meant for travel between the home and the workplace, but it can also be used for leisure time travel. The benefit amount determines whether the benefit is tax free or taxable for the employee.

The benefit amount determines whether the benefit is tax free or taxable for the employee:

€ 1–300/yearTax free
€ 301–750/yearTaxable
€ 751–3,400/yearTax free

For example if the employee’s benefit amount is €1,000, €450 of it is taxable and €550 is tax free.

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