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Smartum benefits for employer

Here at Smartum, our mission is to find the most desirable solutions to promote the well-being of employees. The products that we have created based on 20 years of experience already serve hundreds of thousands of employees throughout Finland.

Do you want to steer your employees towards exercise in particular? Then choose the Smartum Liikuntaseteli voucher or the Smartum Liikuntasaldo balance.
You can promote your employees' exercise and cultural activities with the help of Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli vouchers or the Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuurisaldo balance.
The Smartum Lounasseteli lunch voucher and the Lounassaldo lunch balance are an excellent way to support your employee's healthy and regular meals.
Support the convenience of employees' everyday lives and save the environment by offering a commuter benefit.
In addition to the popular exercise, culture, commuter and lunch benefits, Smartum also offers other products to promote employee well-being. Order the new well-being incentive "Energy Moment" or the delicious and healthy "Smartum Smoothie".
The Smartum exercise, exercise and culture and lunch benefits can be offered to employees in the form of traditional vouchers or a Smartum Saldo account connected to a Smartum card. The commuter benefit is only available through a Smartum Saldo account.
Smartum payment instruments (Liikuntaseteli, Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli and Lounasseteli vouchers and the Smartum Saldo balance) are all tax exempt employee benefits under certain conditions in accordance with the Income Tax Act.