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How to use Smartum Saldo

The Smartum Saldo system offers you a wide variety of alternatives, and it is easy to use.

Which type of Saldo do I have?

Log in to your personal Smartum online service to check which type of Saldo your employer has provided you with. Simply enter your login details at the top of the page.

  • The Liikuntasaldo exercise balance can be used to pay for exercise services.
  • The Liikunta- ja kulttuurisaldo exercise and culture balance can be used to pay for many kinds of exercise and cultural services.
  • The Lounassaldo lunch balance can be used to pay for lunch during the work day. €6.40–10.30 of Lounassaldo can be used  at a time.
  • The Työmatkasaldo commuter balance can be used to purchase commuter tickets at R-kioskis around Finland. Please note! Smartum mobile payment only.

Three different payment methods

1. Card Payment

In most places, you can use your card at the payment terminal, and identification is ensured by signing the receipt. If the venue does not have a payment terminal (e.g. some small companies), you can pay through your Smartum online service, or with mobile payment if the venua accepts mobile payments.

  • The card can be used to pay for exercise, culture and lunch
  • The card can no longer be used at R-kioskis as of 1 March. R-kioskis already switched over to mobile payments.

2. Mobile payment

  1. Ensure that the service provider accepts mobile payments.
  2. Open your Smartum Mobile App (Android or iOS) or log in to your personal Smartum online service on your mobile device.
  3. Press ”Create mobile payment code” (Luo mobiilimaksukoodi) and follow the instructions provided.
  4. Show the QR code to the cashier, who will charge a sum corresponding to your purchase from your Saldo account.

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mobile payment system!

The code is valid for 10 minutes. If the code expires before you can use it, simply create a new code. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can also print the code. The printed code is valid until the end of the day of printing.

PLEASE NOTE! R-kioskis accept only mobile payments.

3. Online payment in the Smartum online service beforehand

  1. Find the desired location in the venue search.
  2. If the venue you choose displays the online payment icon (verkkomaksu), you can use Smartum Saldo for online payment.
  3. Click on ”Smartum Saldo prepayment” ("Verkkomaksu tälle toimipisteelle") to go to the online payment and select either an online product or an open payment. If an online product is not available, you can search the price of the service on the website of the service provider (for example a ski lift pass for 3 days, € 98). Enter the information in the Avoin maksu-field, log in, and pay for the service. Your email address is the username for your Smartum online account, and you have set a password when creating your account.
  4. Smartum will send you a payment receipt by email.
  5. Please present the receipt for your payment at the cashier of the venue. You can either print the receipt or show it from your smart phone screen. The staff are entitled to check your identity.

PLEASE NOTE! You can only use Smartum Saldo online payment to pay for exercise and cultural services. The online payment receipt can only be used once. You will not receive cashback, and any unused value on the receipt cannot be used later.

A personal benefit

In order to meet the requirements of the Finnish Tax Administration, your employee benefit is intended for personal use only. The service provider will compare the signature on the Smartum card to the signature on the receipt. Paying for a ticket using Työmatkasaldo always requires you to log in to your personal Smartum online service. Smartum Saldo cannot be used to pay for the activities or meals of family members, for example.

Where can Smartum Saldo be used?

There are thousands of venues around Finland that accept Smartum Saldo. Please see our venue search for more information.

The Smartum online service helps you with any questions you may have

Use your Smartum online service to view your account information, change your password, manage your contact information, and perform online payments. Log in to the service using the link in the top right corner of the page.

If you lose your Smartum card

Report your missing card in your personal Smartum online service and contact your employer for a new card.

Is there a venue that you would like to have added to the Smartum network?

Not to worry, simply let us know their contact details and we will do our best to accommodate you and add the venue to our network.